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Recontruction Week 8 AIDS

Recontruction Week 8 AIDS - blood cell count can go down x...

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e. (Lecture 16, Slide 14) i. RT grabs the zido (w/thym) and plugs it in. ii. Cannot continue process because the azide blocks addition of next nucleotide. iii. No more chaining. Growing strand is aborted. iv. RT can’t tell the difference, but our cells can. Our DNA polymerase doesn’t use zido. v. Caveat-While polymerase doesn’t, our mitochondrial DNA polymerase is susceptible to picking up AZT, poisons mitochondria. vi. Glucose – glycolysis pyruvate into mitochondria –X CO + H O so it must go through fermentation lactic build up. vii. Acidosis – drops pH blood myopathy, neuropathy viii. True for many NRTI’s, not just AZT ix. Stem cells in bone marrow can be infected, everything made goes down. White
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Unformatted text preview: blood cell count can go down. x. No new proviruses will be made. In theory if we can keep production low, then T cells can do the rest, find infected cells and kill them. xi. Change Pol, change RT. Other NRTI’s look like other nucleoside. If HIV mutates Poll then… 7. “non nukes” (non-nucleoside analogs) NNRTI’s a. Bind RT, directly disable it. b. Nevirapine – good against vertical transmission. i. One pill for mother before labor, one pill for baby after = very effective ii. Same problem as above. Pol mutation, drug can’t bind to RT, then the virus is immune to this class of drugs....
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