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History 21 ---- EDITORIAL REACTING TO PRESIDENT TRUMAN’S FIRING OF GENERAL MACARTHUR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - “MacArthur and National Purpose,” FORTUNE , May 1951. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In coming months Americans are going to have to sweat out the following paradox: with a robust economy, and a generally sound rearmament program, we shall soon, according to Secretary of State Marshall, be “outstandingly the most powerful country in the world.” Our potential influence for good in the world is truly enormous. Yet the prestige of our government and its policies has never been lower in modern times. Even before the firing of General MacArthur, the London Economist quietly noted “the disintegration of the present Administration.” And the MacArthur firing, however necessary, represented (as Dewey said) “a disastrous failure of leadership.” The issue raised by MacArthur’s return
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History_21__MacArthur___Nat_l_Purpose_ed - History 21 -...

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