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01 - MIC170 Lecture 1(Tuesday 3/31 Yeast is cool Why are...

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MIC170 – 3/31/09 1 Lecture 1 (Tuesday, 3/31) Yeast is cool! Why are yeasts important for us? Why are we learning about yeast? 1. Important vehicle in Biotechnology 2. Important model organism in fundamental biological/medical research. 3. Important in medical microbiology – eukaryotic pathogen 1. Yeast Biotechnology ( Fig. 1.1 in Handout KS-1) Mankind’s oldest “domesticated” organism ----- brewing beer is the oldest biotechnology! Fermentation industries - baking bread - wine making - ethanol production Food/chemical industries Enzymes Invertase: sucrose glucose and fructose (sweetest sugar) Fructose is used for syrup/soft-centered chocolate and candies Lactase: hydrolysis of lactose in milk for lactose-intolerance Chemicals Vitamin Bs Amino acids Glycerol (cosmetics, toothpastes) Environmental Technologies Bioremediation/biosorbent --- Remove heavy metals (Ag, Cu, Cd) into vacuoles from industrial waste --- Remove carbon and nitrogen from organic waste
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MIC170 – 3/31/09 2 Health-care Industries
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