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outline_for_U.S._Entry_into_WWI_lecture - U.S ENTRY INTO...

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U.S. ENTRY INTO WORLD WAR I & SENATE BATTLE OVER US ENTRY INTO THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS PRESIDENT WILSON’ S WAR MESSAGE (April 1917) --“right is more precious than peace…we shall fight… for democracy…for the rights & liberties of small nations…to bring peace and safety to all nations” IS PRESIDENT BUSH A “WILSONIAN MORALIST”? CORE TRAITS OF WILSONIANISM FACTORS BEHIND WILSON’S CALL FOR U.S. ENTRY INTO WAR --1) ROLE OF CIRCUMSTANCES ---German submarine warfare (esp. Germanys’ Jan. 1917 decision to resume unrestricted submarine warfare) --2) “IDEALISTIC” FACTORS ---defense of neutral rights; making the “world safe for democracy” (ideals noted in War Message)
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---3) “REALISTIC” & ECONOMIC FACTORS --Adm.’s markedly pro-Allied side bias --geo-political aim to maintain Europe’s balance of power --defending Am. economic interests: sustaining robust US- Allied trade; issue of Am. banker loans to Allied governments CLOSER LOOK AT WILSON’S WARTIME POLICIES COMPARING ADM. APPROACH RESPONDING TO
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outline_for_U.S._Entry_into_WWI_lecture - U.S ENTRY INTO...

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