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In your opinion, which type of forces affected history most in the period we covered so far? Many scholars present history as being especially influenced by specific types of forces. For instance, many scholars have traditionally presented political and diplomatic forces as the principal forces driving history forward. Others have seen historical change occurring through the clash of social and economic classes seeking to maximize the advantages of their classes. Some argue that changing technology has produced the greatest changes in society. Others yet see gender issues—the relations between men and women as classes of people—as the greatest mover of history. There are also those whos argue that environmental factors, including geography and climate, have had the greatest impact. Finally, some scholars present demography as the most important force (the characteristics of populations of people, including size and density of population, distribution of population and migration, and health, death rates, and birth rates).
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Unformatted text preview: For the period of time covered by the exam, discuss ONE force that in your opinion had the greatest impact in causing historical change: (1) politics, (2) diplomatic and military forces, (3) economics, including the conflict between social and economic classes, (4) intellectual and philosophical trends, (5) religion, (6) technology, (7) gender issues, (8) environment, and (9) demography. Explain your answer and support it by references to the primary sources you read for the class. You will be graded on the strength of your argument, number of convincing examples, and coherence of the entire essay. Please limit your discussion to 5 pages double-spaced (font Times New Roman size 12; default margins). Any essay that does not conform to this stipulation, is shorter than 4 full pages double-spaced or longer than 5 will be considered unacceptable and will be graded down....
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