outline_for_Cold_War_I_lecture__rev._ - ORIGINS OF THE COLD...

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Unformatted text preview: ORIGINS OF THE COLD WAR, 1945-1949 BLAME THE USSR COLD WARRIORS vs. BLAME THE U.S. REVISIONISTS ARTHUR SCHLESINGER (1967): nothing the U.S. could have done in 1944-45 [and beyond] would have abolished [the] mistrust required by Marxist gospel.The most rational of American policies could hardly have averted the Cold War HENRY WALLACE (1946): stress on USSRs legitimate national security concerns KEY QUESTIONS FOR APPORTIONING BLAME:---Main factors behind Soviet expansion?---Was this expansion chiefly offensive or defensive?---Did Soviet expansion follow a grand pre-determined communist plan? ---OR was it mainly reacting to intimidating U.S. policies? GEORGE KENNAN & POLICY OF CONTAINMENT (outlined in 1946 Mr. X telegram)--Kennan argued: no natural limits to Soviet expansion--his recommendation: Soviets must be contained by adroit & vigilant application of COUNTER-FORCE at a series of constantly shifting geographical & political points KENNANS CALL FOR COUNTER-FORCE COINCIDED...
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outline_for_Cold_War_I_lecture__rev._ - ORIGINS OF THE COLD...

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