outline_for_1950s_McCarthyism_lecture__r - McCARTHYISM,...

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Unformatted text preview: McCARTHYISM, TRUMANS EMPLOYEE LOYALTY PROGRAM, & DENNIS V. UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT DECISION (1951) SENATOR JOSEPH McCARTHY & McCARTHYISM. (latter defined asenvironment of ultra-conformity & ideological correctness, enforced by reckless, unsupported accusation & tactic of guilt by association) WHO & WHAT WAS TO BLAME FOR SUCH A HYPER ANTI-COMMUNIST MOOD?--key supporting role played by nations elites (political leaders, community & educational leaders) WILLIAM BUCKLEYS (1954) DEFENSE OF McCARTHYISM--defined McCarthyism as universal desire of the Am. people to eliminate [legitimate Communist] risks in government 1954 HARVARD PETITION CONDEMNING McCARTHY-----if you had been a Harvard undergrad at the time would you have signed the Petition or not? (text of Petition at end of outline) PRESIDENT TRUMANS EMPLOYEE LOYALTY...
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outline_for_1950s_McCarthyism_lecture__r - McCARTHYISM,...

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