outline_for_1st___2nd_New_Deal_lecture - HERBERT HOOVER FDR...

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GOVERNMENT EFFORTS TO COMBAT THE GREAT DEPRESSION A FEW STATISTICS CHRONICLING THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: ---from 1929 to 1933, GDP shrank by one-half ---1933: 25% national unemployment rate (according to PA Gov. Gifford Pinchot in summer 1932, only 2/5s of the normal working population had full-time work) --over 5,000 banks failed btw. 1929-1933, wiping out $7 billion in depositors’ money HUMAN SIDE TO THE MASS SUFFERING OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION…… CLOSER LOOK AT MARTHA GELLHORN’S 1934 FERA REPORT ON GASTON CO., NORTH CAROLINA --horrific conditions for laid-off textile workers
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mill folk --popular adoration of President Roosevelt: “He is at once God & their intimate friend….though everything else fails, he is there and will let not them down” HISTORIANS PASS JUDGMENT ON HOOVER & FDR …………… In surveys among historians, how do these 2 Presidents rank?? How would you rank the best, worst Presidents? CONVENTIONAL PORTRAITS OF HOOVER AS
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outline_for_1st___2nd_New_Deal_lecture - HERBERT HOOVER FDR...

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