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Unformatted text preview: ---mid-term test has been moved to WED. FEB. 20 (initially slated for Feb. 18) PRESIDENTIAL & CONGRESSIONAL POLICIES TOWARDS BIG BUSINESS, 1901-1917 "PROGRESSIVE" PRESIDENTS' APPROACH TOWARDS BIG BUSINESS WAS GENERALLY FRIENDLY & ACCOMMODATING --preferred regulation over "trust-busting" TR'S CORE BELIEFS AS "PROGRESSIVE" CONSERVATIVE --2 greatest fears: working class-revolution from below or revolution brought on by "stupid obstinacy" of amongst the plutocrats ---advocate of federal supervisory role over nation's corporations 3 SPECIFIC EPISODES / POLICIES ----1) TR'S ROLE IN 1902 COAL STRIKE ---2) TR'S APPROACH TOWARDS TRUSTS --gentlemen's agreements & "good" vs. "bad" trusts ("bad" trusts being Standard Oil; American Tobacco; Northern Securities) --WHAT WAS TR's CRITERIA FOR JUDGING A TRUST "BAD"? (based on conduct, not corporate size) --EST. OF BUREAU OF CORPORATIONS (1902) --big business-friendly "investigatory" agency that aimed to "avoid ill-considered [anti-trust] attacks upon corporations" ---3) TR PUSHED RAILROAD REFORM LAWS ----Elkins Act (1903) & Hepburn Act (1906) strengthened federal regulatory control over railroad rate-setting (Interstate Commerce Commission) 1912 ELECTION: "REFERENDUM" ON THE TRUST QUESTION TR's "NEW NATIONALISM" WOODROW WILSON'S "NEW FREEDOM" --highly emotional appeal to anti-big business jealousies of vast middle class --pledge to create a "new set of rules....[for the] pygmy" WILSON ADM.'S "Roosevelt-ian" APPROACH TOWARDS BIG BUSINESS ---Clayton Act (1914): specified several "unfair" business practices (no discriminatory retail pricing; no inter-locking directorates) ---Federal Trade Commission Act (1914): "expert" regulatory agency whose task was to help interpret for big business what constituted "unfair" business practices ...
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