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INTRODUCTION TO COURSE, MAIN FEATURES OF SYLLABUS ---major components comprising course grade ADVICE ABOUT STUDY OF HISTORY ----analyze, don’t simply memorize ----avoid being deterministic ----be skeptical towards “simple answers” ---avoid presentism ---develop empathy SO……. COME TO YOUR OWN WELL-SUPPORTED CONCLUSIONS SHOULD HISTORIANS OFFER MORAL JUDGMENTS OF HISTORICAL ACTORS??
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3 EPISODES: 1) American role in Vietnam War 2) World War II internment of Japanese-Americans 3) Truman’s decision to drop A-Bombs WHICH OF THESE EPISODES, if any, WOULD YOU
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Unformatted text preview: CONCLUDE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN HORRIBLY WRONG? . ......---------------------------------------------------------------------------------MAIN THEMES OF 1870s-1900 AMERICA CENTRALIZING & NATIONALIZING FORCES BROUGHT ON BY CIVIL WAR POST-CIVIL WAR THINKING WAS OLD-FASHIONED, POORLY SUITED TO DEAL WITH NEW REALITIES ASCENDANCY OF “SOCIAL DARWINISM” (William Graham Sumner as leading popularizer)----ethos of “survival of the fittest”; extreme self-reliance & individualism; laissez faire (minimalist government) CHIEF LESSON FROM RECONSTRUCTION: “STATEWAYS CANNOT SUPERSEDE FOLKWAYS”...
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outline_for_introduction_to_History_21 - CONCLUDE THE U.S...

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