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TRIANGLE SHIRTWAIST FIRE TRAGEDY (March 1911) --galvanized moral outrage against unregulated, exploitative “industrial system” --notion of noblesse oblige 3 KINDS OF PROGRESSIVES: --1) Social Progressives: aimed for social justice --2) Coercive Progressives: aimed for social control --3) Reforming Professionals: aimed to make more “scientific” WHAT CAUSED THE EDUCATED URBAN MIDDLE CLASS TO BE PROGRESSIVE? HOW TO EXPLAIN THE TIMING OF THEIR SHIFT TO PROGRESSIVISM? --not economic deprivation, but “status anxiety”
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JANE ADDAMS AS REPRESENTATIVE PROGRESSIVE 20 Years At Hull House & 5 THEMES OF THE PROGRESSIVE MIND --1) Progressivism took its inspiration & techniques from 2 bodies of knowledge: evangelical Protestantism & social science --2) stress on evils of industrialization (widening gap between rich & poor) & on defects of democracy --3) belief in environmentalism --4) stress on serving the “common good,” & faith in private
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outline_for_traits_of_Progressivism_lect - ORIGINS &...

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