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French001syllabus - French 1 Course Objectives and Syllabus...

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French 1 Course Objectives and Syllabus Spring 2008 Section Number: 004 Instructor: Michèle Cahen Instructor’s e-mail: [email protected] Meeting times and place: M T W R 4:40pm – 5:30pm 010 Life Sciences Office Hours: M 2pm-4pm Office: 320 – C Burrowes Office Phone: 814-865-9580 Required Textbooks : Rond Point , 1st edition. (Meyer). Textbook. Rond Point , 2nd. (Meyer). Workbook/Lab Manual. English grammar for students of French , 5th edition. (Morton). Rond-Point web site : This website contains all the audio files for the listening comprehension exercises in the workbook as well as other vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation exercises. You are advised to check this site often: http://wps.prenhall.com/wl_meyer_rondpoint_1/ Recommended Text: Bescherelle : La conjugaison pour tous. Paris: Hatier, 2003. Description and Goals French 1 is designed for students who have studied no French or who have had less than one year of high school French or its equivalent. The course meets for four class hours per week. The focus of the course is on real-life language use, the integration of language and culture, and the development of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The methodology used is communicative and task- based, meaning that in every chapter of the book you will be learning language for a specific task, and by the end of the course you will be able to perform a variety of tasks that are useful to someone visiting a French speaking country. You can expect to engage in pair and group work on a regular basis and to participate actively in class. Regular attendance is extremely important to your success in this course. This point cannot be stressed enough! Grades and Grading Policies
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Class Participation 15% Homework 10% Quizzes 15% Compositions 15% Activités de conversation 15% Chapter Tests 20% Final Exam 10% Class Participation 15% French 1 is based on the idea that you will learn to use French to interact with other French speakers. While learning French, the principal site of this interaction is the classroom during scheduled class meetings. In order to participate fully in class and to fulfill your obligation to others in group and pair work, you must be present. Therefore, attendance is mandatory and will be checked every day. Please be forewarned that your grade will suffer significantly if you don't come to class (see below for Attendance Policy). The class participation grade will be based on the following criteria: the number of non-university approved absences you have accumulated, tardiness, in-class behavior (including participating in all activities, being prepared to answer when called upon by the instructor, and volunteering answers to instructor questions), and preparedness. At three points throughout the semester, your instructor will ask you to evaluate your own level of participation and assign yourself a grade. Your instructor will then read your self-evaluation and either accept the grade you have given yourself or modify it to reflect their own assessment of your participation. You will receive feedback on how to improve this portion of your grade.
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