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English 30: The Rhetoric of Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature Spring 2008 Lindsey Jones Email: [email protected] Office: 59 C. Burrowes Office Hours: TBA Required Texts: Good Reasons: Designing and Writing Effective Arguments. 3 rd Ed. ISBN: 0-321-31681-9 Joseph M. Williams, Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace. 2 nd Ed. ISBN: 0-321-33085-4 The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One 1929-1964 . Robert Silverberg ed. ISBN: 0-765- 30537-2 Penn Statements Some additional readings will be available online (links provided on the ANGEL website) Course Description : Development, skills, and expertise in reading and writing can never be separated; therefore, English 30 is an intensive, rhetorically based course in reading and writing. In this course, we will consider our reaction to and interpretation of verbal and visual texts (our “reading”) as well as our production and use of such texts (our “writing” and speaking)—always in terms of traditional rhetorical principles. This course will be organized around the theme of Fantasy and Science Fiction literature. We will read some fiction from the genre as well as non- fiction writing about the genre in order to better understand the relationship between good reading and good writing. The goal of English 30, then, is to help you build on what you already know how to do as you become a stronger, more confident, and more flexible reader and writer. I imagine that you will become more attuned to your goals as a writer (as well as any other writer’s goals) in terms of any exigence for writing about a particular topic in a particular way, the on-going conversation surrounding the topic, the appropriate delivery of your information,
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English_30_SF_Fan - English 30: The Rhetoric of Fantasy and...

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