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outline_for_pullman_strike_lecture - -the creation...

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LATTER 19 TH C. INDUSTRIAL BATTLES BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND LABOR: THE PULLMAN STRIKE & BOYCOTT FEAR OF LABOR UNION RADICALISM ---Haymarket Square episode (1886) VEHEMENTLY ANTI-UNION STANCE AMONG CORPORATE BOSSES, GOVERNMENT, & THE COURTS CLOSER LOOK AT THE VIEWS, STANCE OF CONGRESS AND THE SUPREME COURT Interstate Commerce Act (1887): federal oversight of RRs & rates; prohibited rebates Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890): made illegal “every contract, combination …in restraint of [interstate] commerce” E. C. Knight “Sugar Trust” Case (1895) Lochner v. New York (1905)
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FROM LATE 1880s ONWARD: NEW, MORE EFFECTIVE ANTI-UNION OFFENSIVE TAKEN BY CORPORATIONS EMPLOYERS’ WEAPONS (against unions): --injunctions issued by Courts --“yellow-dog” contracts (worker promise not to unionize) --use of state militia, then federal troops --Pinkerton armies & “scab” non-union labor --lockouts ( employers initiated work stoppage)
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Unformatted text preview: --the creation, manipulation of the “company town” 1877 & 1885 RAILROAD STRIKES & HOMESTEAD LOCKOUT OF 1892: RECURRENT 2-PHASE PATTERN OF CONFLICT---1 st phase: initially, workers enjoyed a commanding position locally;---2 nd phase: employers forced to resort to external sources of power (sending in “scabs” aided by Pinkertons; state militia, then federal troops) HOMESTEAD LOCKOUT: how much was the “benevolent” Carnegie to blame for this bloody episode? OVERVIEW OF THE PULLMAN STRIKE & BOYCOTT---parallels with earlier industrial conflicts--enormous importance of company town setting (disconnect between fixed rents & falling wages) GEORGE PULLMAN’S PERSPECTIVE: NATURE OF HIS PATERNALISM ……how Pullman set his workers’ wages WHAT CAN BE LEARNED FROM STUDYING DEBS: his conduct, press’s depictions EDITORIAL REACTIONS FROM WADE HAMPTON & SAMUEL GOMPERS...
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  • Spring '07
  • Trade union, Strike action, George Pullman, Pullman Strike, LABOR UNION RADICALISM, prohibited rebates Sherman

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outline_for_pullman_strike_lecture - -the creation...

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