08 - Theories accessibility and connections Modification of...

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Theories: accessibility and connections Modification of theories A theory pertaining to one issue can be exported and used for another issue. (Going from the known to the less known.) Travel methods -Bubble <--no! -Pick a point and circle out. Extend boundaries. Theoretically, things shift. -Mobilization of the Tamils (underprivileged minority) Social Mobilization At any time there are some people that: -Are dominant and want to shift things to keep power (keep the same to keep power) -People that want to revise things Some types of organization doesn’t make sense to anthropologists. They are supposed to go after what makes sense to people. Professional Application of Anthropology Social movement studies Ex. Engineers/doctors are not taught about power issues in social movements. It’s part of the practice of their jobs. .so they should, but aren’t. Change Theoretical to practical. Things start out theoretical and evolve to be practical . * If you think strictly theoretically you might lose touch with reality. * If you think strictly practically, you are in trouble because you are outdated in ways of
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thinking that may be useful. Did the Hindus and the Muslim understand each other? Nope, because of power prob- lems. Social mobilization Ways to analyze reality Divine Right of Kings ex. French Revolution Divine right of royalty is a big deal: It is a long established social order. Sun king was surrounded by Royal Court, and they would reenact the divinity of the king “rising” every morning as they surrounded him. Unequal power/inequality. Challenges to inequality system
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08 - Theories accessibility and connections Modification of...

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