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Dillon Clements English 110 Dr. Ford 19 February 2008 Consider that in fact, there are gods controlling and manipulating our everyday movements, choices, and even that which we call fate. Now consider, each heavenly body governing over our daily choices had different conceptual ideas as to what is considered to be “good” or “wise” for our humanly existence. Then how can we find our lives to be adequately guarded and guided along our daily paths. This is one of many dilemmas that are attempted to be answered through great deliberation and tribulation in Plato’s “Euthyphro”. In this dialogue Socrates and Euthyphro encounter many issues including their own prosecution, definitions of life and of family, and dominantly, piety. Socrates begins his dialogue with Euthyphro by revealing some troubling news that had just been delivered to him. He has been indicted by Meletus on the charge of corrupting the young men of their society. Socrates has apparently had these accusations arise before him previously however he states “I think he is the only one of our public
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