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Dillon Clements Kins 190 Dr. Skrivseth 24 February 2008 Goal: Increase both bench max and squat max 15 pounds. Increase bench from 205 up to 220 and increase squat from 285 to 300. Along with muscle strength I would like to increase stamina and run at least 3 times a week preferably for 20 minutes each time. Results : My bench max increased 20 pounds from 205 to 220 and my squat max increased even more from 285 to 310, an increase of 25 pounds. Running on the other hand was not accomplished three times a week each week but was never less than two
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Unformatted text preview: times a week. Reflection : From these results it is visible to me that hard work is paid off and is sometimes paid off far greater than I expected. The results from my last two months show me that my body is ready to be shaped and muscle gains and heart strength are key. I should take advantage of my health and stability while I have in order to lengthen and keep myself healthy and able....
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