EXAM 2 REVIEW - Hesker and Tatomer 1 BIOL 202 Exam 2 Review...

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Hesker and Tatomer 1 BIOL 202 Exam 2 Review Guide Pam Hesker and Deirdre Tatomer Prokaryotic Genetics (E. coli model organism) 1. 3 types of genetic transfer 2. auxotrophy/prototrophy 3. conjugation – F plasmid mediated a. Hfr strains b. Mapping based on time of transfer of markers 4. transformation 5. transduction a. mapping based on how often markers are cotransduced 6. 3 methods of mapping: conjugation, transduction, sequencing Non-Mendelian Inheritance 1. 3 examples 2. Cytoplasmic Inheritance – mitochondria, chloroplasts a. Uniparental Inheritance of genes – genes inherited from only one parent (mother for humans) b. Endosymbiosis theory 3. Maternal Effect a. Maternal GENOTYPE determines PHENOTYPE of progeny 4. Genomic Imprinting a. Genes are expressed differently depending on which parent they were inherited from b. Genomic imprint is reset (erased and re-imprited) during gametogenesis c. Progeny are affected if the expressed gene is inherited from an affected parent Human Pedigrees 1. Below are signature hints of inheritance pattern, but cannot be relied upon for the sole determinant of the inheritance pattern 2. Autosomal Recessive – affected can appear in progeny of unaffected parents 3. Autosomal Dominant – each affected has at least one affected child 4. X-linked Recessive – disease seen in more males than females because males are always affected if they carry the allele 5. Mitochondrial Inheritance – progeny of affected mothers are affected while progeny of affected fathers are not affected 6. Note that a “very rare trait” indicates the mutant allele is very rare
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EXAM 2 REVIEW - Hesker and Tatomer 1 BIOL 202 Exam 2 Review...

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