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Student Name: ________________ BICD110 Midterm (Prof. Yimin Zou) ID #: ________________ Midterm BICD 110 Cell Biology (version 2) 1. Multiple choices (20%) (Circle the letter next to the correct answer) 1). Which amino acid in the signal recognition pocket of a signal recognition particle is highly hydrophobic and makes the pocket flexible enough to bind to various signal sequence of proteins transported into the ER? a. Ala b. Met c. Phe d. Leu 2). Which enzyme(s) present on the plasma membrane directly set up asymmetry of phospholipids across the inner and outer monolayer: a. Scramblase b. Flippase c. Na + -K + pump d. K + leak channels 3). Which statement is NOT true about two-photon microscopy: a. It allows us to look into deeper structures than confocal microscopy b. It uses higher energy lasers (shorter wave length) c. It allows live imaging d. It does not bleach samples as fast as regular confocal 4). Which of the following is not a function of smooth ER? a. Lipid biosynthesis b. Detoxification c. Calcium storage d. Membrane protein synthesis 5). The thickness of the lipid bilayer of cellular membranes is: a. 10 um b. 5 um c. 5 nm d. 0.1 nm 6). “Histone code” refers to: a. How the 30-nm chromatin is folded into higher order structures b. There are 8 core histone subunits in each nucleosome 1
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BICD110 Midterm (Prof. Yimin Zou) c. Chromosomes occupy non-overlapping space within the cell nucleus d. Gene expression is regulated by covalent modification of the histone tails, such as acetylation 7). Which structure/component(s) is NOT found in a nucleolus: a. Ribosomal proteins b. rRNAs c. Chromatins d. A membrane separating nucleolus from the rest of the cell nucleus 8). The following does NOT occur in peroxisomes: a. Photorespiration b. DNA replication c. β -oxidation d. Protein transport from the cytosol 9). What is the name of the complex that recognizes the signal sequence of a secreted protein and brings the translation machinery (the ribosomes and the mRNA etc) to the rough ER? a. Signal recognition particle receptor b. Protein translocator, Sec61 c. Signal recognition particle d. TOM complex 10). Which is the name of the short-lived structure that forms from homotypic fusion of vesicles budding of the ER? a. Endocytic vesicles
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CellBio2008MidtermKey - Student Name ID BICD110...

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