MC 111 (3) - Life of Insulation In Autobiography of My...

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Life of Insulation In Autobiography of My Mother , by Jamaica Kincaid, Xuela Richardson writes all alone and at the end of her life . Xuela is compelled to expose the account of her most significant experiences . One such experience is a time of introspection for Xuela. This introspective period unveils knowledge of her self . Through self-knowledge she begins to love her herself and the Carib people . The insight Xuela acquires during her self- discovery has lasting effects on the way she will live rest of her life—outside the influence of the conquerors . Xuela reached a point where she must retreat from everything and everyone in her life . At the time, she was still having a difficult time coming to terms with recent events. She states, “I wanted find myself looking at the events of my immediate past on a horizon which I was receding rapidly” (96) . Here, Xuela had already come to the conclusion she would leave the LaBatte’s house . The “event of her immediate past” is a reference to aborting her fetus. Xuela made it clear that she was not able to love a child, so she did not want one. In spite of never considering giving birth to this child, the decision to end her unborn baby’s life took an emotional toll on her. It is complicated for any young woman that makes the decision to take away their baby’s life. Xuela notes her devastation, “My life was beyond empty. I had never had a mother, I had just recently Harning 2 refused to become one, I knew then this refusal would be complete.” (96-97) Emotionally overwhelmed, Xuela decides to isolate herself from the LaBatte’s and her recent choices by running away. Once she detached herself from the negative environment, Xuela
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enters into a period of physical and mental self-examination. While in isolated life, Xuela strips herself down to nothing. Trying to erase her identity, Xuela looks upon the past in order to comprehend and appreciate who she really is. Living meagerly, her house has sections where the planks of wood do not meet. The
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MC 111 (3) - Life of Insulation In Autobiography of My...

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