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Benjamin Carson Harning 15 Mar. 2008 Dr. Scott (sec. 2) Research Proposal The topic I have selected to take on for our research paper is the 1967 Detroit Riots. Although I did not know immediately that I wanted to adopt this topic, the Detroit riots has always been one of those historical events that resonates with me. Both of my parents grew up in the greater Detroit area, during family gatherings there are no shortages of stories being told of Detroit history. My dad used to tell me how my grandfather drove him through the city numerous times following the riots so that he could see for himself all the destruction. The Detroit riots stir up more emotions than just “family history” nostalgia. I was born in the city of Detroit and raised there for more that half of my life—part of my self-identity is wrapped up by this city. Last summer the 50 th anniversary of the Detroit riots passed. While some may feel this is not a proper event to commemorate, I think it is a critical time in the history of Detroit. There still are many lessons that may be learned by the riots so that there will be no repeat of such events. My research into the Detroit riots of 1967 is going to attempt to shed new light on the events that occurred and illuminate new possibilities for why these riots occurred in Detroit opposed to any other urban American city. Through my research I hope to discover some of the social problems that plague Detroit, acquire a greater overall knowledge of Detroit history, and be able write a research paper that I can be proud of while simultaneously feeling I helped the city I love in some shape or form. My topic is related to both our course period and theme. Throughout the semester
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we have read about the civil rights movement and discussed other urban riots such as in Watts. The common view today, held by most researchers who have written on the Detroit riots is that the riots were racially motivated and were an example of American Negro “breaking points.” Whether or not this claim is true, I cannot say, I have plenty of research ahead of me to be able to make my own original claim. The period is definitely represented because the Detroit riots occurred in 1967 and fall within our course timeframe. As of now, my research excavation has uncovered some high quality sources that I will use for future research. So far I have gone to the library and found a plethora of primary source documentation. The Detroit Free Press has the most extensive coverage of the riots and their aftermath. Another primary source I have discovered is the New Detroit Committee Progress Report. This source was written less than a year after the riots and discusses the future of Detroit and the ways in which the city can avoid future problems by implementing specific public policy measures. The People Beyond 12 th street is yet another example of a primary source which is integral to my research paper. This source is a public opinion survey conducted two months after the riots to pinpoint
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MC 112 (A Work in Progress) - Benjamin Carson Harning 15...

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