FahrenheitPanel - add (outputLabel) add (resultLabel)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 //******************************************************************** // FahrenheitPanel.java Author: Lewis/Loftus // // Demonstrates the use of text fields. //******************************************************************** import java.awt.* import java.awt.event.* import javax.swing.* public class FahrenheitPanel extends JPanel { private JLabel inputLabel, outputLabel, resultLabel private JTextField fahrenheit //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Constructor: Sets up the main GUI components. //----------------------------------------------------------------- public FahrenheitPanel() { inputLabel = new JLabel ("Enter Fahrenheit temperature:") outputLabel = new JLabel ("Temperature in Celsius: ") resultLabel = new JLabel ("---") fahrenheit = new JTextField (5) fahrenheit.addActionListener (new TempListener()) add (inputLabel) add (fahrenheit)
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Unformatted text preview: add (outputLabel) add (resultLabel) setPreferredSize (new Dimension(300, 75)) setBackground (Color.yellow) } //***************************************************************** // Represents an action listener for the temperature input field. //***************************************************************** private class TempListener implements ActionListener { //--------------------------------------------------------------// Performs the conversion when the enter key is pressed in // the text field. //--------------------------------------------------------------public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) { int fahrenheitTemp, celsiusTemp String text = fahrenheit.getText() fahrenheitTemp = Integer.parseInt (text) Sheet1 Page 2 celsiusTemp = (fahrenheitTemp-32) * 5/9 resultLabel.setText (Integer.toString (celsiusTemp)) } } }...
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This note was uploaded on 06/11/2009 for the course CS 205214 taught by Professor Balasooriya/kouvetakis during the Spring '09 term at ASU.

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FahrenheitPanel - add (outputLabel) add (resultLabel)...

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