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Wrapper Classes A wrapper class represents a particular primitive data type. (primitive data types – int, double, char, boolean, and so on) They are defined in the java.lang package. Instead of declaring an integer as primitive data as: int number1 = 45; We can declare it as an object of the Integer (wrapper) class. Integer number1 = new Integer(45); For instance, the method doubleValue() returns the value of this integer as double. The class Integer also has static methods such as parseInt(String str) that returns the
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Unformatted text preview: int corresponding to the value stored in the parameter string. Since it is static, it can be called with the class name (without instantiating an obejct) as: int num = Integer.parseInt(“11”); Then “num” will contain the integer 11. Also see other wrapper classes such as Double. (e.g., double num2 = Double.parseDouble(“3.21”); )...
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