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practice_Searching- Sorting - Practice Searching&...

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Unformatted text preview: Practice Searching & Sorting– CSE 205 – Fall 2008 Last Name(print) ______________________ First__________________ 10/13/08 5 extra Pts 1. JApplet is an extension of Applet. What package is JApplet located in? ______________________________________ 2. What layout manager’s could you use to place components in 4 columns over 7 rows? _____________________________________ 3. What methods must be implemented if a class implements ActionListener interface? __________________________________________ 4. If you have a JButton object named “button1” and a listener class named “ButtonOneListener”, how do you associate the listener with “button1”? 5. Classes in a software system can have various types of relationships to each other List the three of the most common relationships: 1. __________________________ 2.__________________________ 3.__________________________ 6. Given the following divisions, how could this be accomplished using different layouts? 7. For the following Array show how the array would be sorted using Selection sort and Insertion sort after each pass of...
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practice_Searching- Sorting - Practice Searching&...

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