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questions from website - Final Exam 10 Excel 10 Midterms 40...

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Answer the following questions from material on 131 web site. (You can ask fellow students for a "hand" if you need one.) What is the topic for Week 9? 2-D plotting and 3-D plotting When is your first midterm? Lab 1 of week 8 What is the attendance policy in 131? Attendance is not taken but students who attend class regularly do better than those that don’t How is your final grade determined?
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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam 10%, Excel 10%, Midterms 40%, Miniquiz 7.5%, Lecture quiz 15%, Group Miniquiz 7.5% The best of absolute points or standing relative to class curve What two aspects of 131 will be carried out using ANGEL? Your TA will go around and ask you questions to be sure you understand how to navigate the 131 web....
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