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HISTORY AND PRSPECTIVES OF PSYCHOLOGY Psychology’s past Initially Psychology was part of PHILOSOPHY and not an independent science or discipline. Psychology as a division of Philosophy studied why people act and why one individual is different from another individual. Psychology, separated from Philosophy, the first time, when in the year 1879 the first experimental laboratory was established. The laboratory was founded by a German Scientist Wilhelm Wundt in Germany at University of Leipzig.He wrote the most important book in Psychology, “The Principles of Physiological Psychology” Since that time, new viewpoints and new interests developed in Psychology and many contributors shaped Psychology in different directions. The common viewpoints of a group of Psychologists were grouped together and are referred as schools of Psychology. Following is the description of major groups of Psychology or Schools of Psychology EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Wilhelm Wundt was the founder of Experimental Psychology.
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Wundt and his followers considered Psychology as study o f Experience . They studied conscious experience in terms of breaking down conscious experience in its elements. The method of study they adopted is known as INTROSPECTION metehod .Using Introspection method, they tried to monitor, analyze, report on the contents of experience Example: The scientists would sit back in the laboratory and analyze the experience of TICKING Of Clock. Experimenters would listen to the ticking of clock and introspect the experience. Of feeling and sensation, the basic contents of experience, the sound of clock generates in the human being. STRUCTURALISM
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Chapter__1_history_Gen_Psy - HISTORY AND PRSPECTIVES OF...

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