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Descriptive research There are 3 types of Descriptive research 1. Naturalistic observation 2. Surveys 3. Case studies Naturalistic observation In this method the researcher collects scientific data through observation of behavior in natural conditions. The data is collected in systematic and scientific manner. The difference between this method and experimental method is that the observer in observation method does not manipulate the variables. The observer remains unobtrusive as much as possible The observer may remain behind a one way mirror to observe behavior, or watches behavior form a distance. The advantage of this method is that data obtained reflects truly natural behavior. The disadvantage is that this process could be time consuming and difficult. The researcher has to wait to behavior to occur, to observe. Some of the target behavior could be very infrequent and the observer continues to wait till the behavior occurs. Observer Bias is another disadvantage. The observer, while collecting data may tend to record only those details which he or she expects to observe. The observer effect is another disadvantage of this method. That means, that people being observed may not exhibit the natural behavior. They may exhibit which is socially acceptable behavior or meets the expectation of the observer. For example: An observer is trying to observe AGRESSION in class room environment. The aggressive student may not display aggressive behavior because he may think that the behavior may not be acceptable to the observer. To control observer effect hidden cameras can be used so that the person being observed
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Descriptive_research - Descriptive research There are 3...

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