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CHAPTER 2 BRAIN AND BEAHVIOR OUTLINE An overview of the nervous system What is a neuron? How Neurons Communicate Chemical Messengers in the Nervous System A Tour through the brain Lower-level brain structures The cerebral cortex Genetics and Evolution Behavioral genetics The knowledge of Biological bases is essentially important to study Psychology, because Nervous System is not only important for survival, it affects emotions, thinking, memory and other mental processes as well as behavior. So, before becoming a Psychologist and treating Psychological diseases and abnormal behavior it is important to study Nervous system which is the basic unit of biological foundation. This system receives the messages from the outside world through eyes, ears, and other sensory receptors then organizes the message, decides what to do with the message and then sends the message to appropriate centers of the brain and the motor organs. WHAT IS A NEURON? Neurons are the basic units of nervous system; these are
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individual cells that communicate information throughout the body and brain Each neuron is a tiny information system with thousands of connections for receiving and sending signals to other neurons. The guess is that there are one trillion neurons.
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CHAPTER_2_Biological_Foundation - CHAPTER 2 BRAIN AND...

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