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THE TOUR OF THE BRAIN There are two major divisions of brain. 1. Lower level brain structure. This is the oldest part of the brain. 2. Cerebral Cortex. This is the center for higher level functions. The examples are language development or memory, thinking. The lower level of brain functions The size of brain and complexity of brain varies as the species change and their evolutionary development change. Higher level of species have complex brain. Human brain is the most complex brain Following are the structures of lower level of rain structure. 1. Brain Stem : The highest part of the brain stem is seated in the brain, the lower part continues to spinal cord. The function of the Brain stem : The brain stem controls the automatic behavior and survival responses. Following are the major structures of the brain stem The pons Medulla Reticular formation Cerebellum Pons: This is the structure above Medulla and below Midbrain. Its function is to control body movements, respiration, waking and dreaming.
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Medulla : It is at the base of Brain stem. It contains nerve fibers that control autonomic body functions. For example, respiration and heart Rate. Any damage to this part of brain stem result in Death Reticular formation: Above the brain stem there are diffuse nerve fibers which filter the incoming information to the brain. In another words, it alerts the brain, as a result we are aware what is happening around us. So, this part of the brain functions as a filter system for the information sent to the brain. Any damage to this area of brain results in COMA Cerebellum: It is located behind Brain stem. This is called the OLD BRAIN. The function of this part of the brain is to control body
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