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SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Social Psychology is a branch of Psychology which specializes in study of other people’s influence on our thoughts, feelings and actions. Social Psychologists explore why people submit to others thought processes, ideology without any doubts or questions. Such as religious beliefs. Social Psychologists conduct surveys, experiments to answer why people become prejudiced, why people become aggressive to others or attracted to others. The field of Social Psychology is enormous and vast. In this chapter we will explore OUR THOUGHTS ABOUT OTHERS. We observe other behavior and try to find out the reason or explanation of that type of behavior. This is called process of attribution. We also develop beliefs about others. Attribution: Explaining other’s behavior. The statements of what we do and why we do is called attribution. There are 2 types of attribution. 1. Dispositional attribution 2. Situational attribution Dispositional attribution: When person’s behavior is influenced by individuals’ internal characteristics it is known as dispositional attribution. For example if a person is physically assaulting someone because he has an aggressive personality the aggressive behavior will be attributed to his personality, a dispositional attribution.
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Situational Attribution : When the person’s behavior is influenced by external and situational demand. For example the above person must have physically assaulted another person in self defence because the other person was trying to snatch his purse. Attributions are subject to several forms of error and bias.
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