notes7 - Sexist attitudes Manual labor = masculinity Mental...

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Notes ISS 335 – 2/21/08 Pierre Bourdieu – cultural capital, cultural knowledge, language mastery, manners, styles of interactions. -these are passed on from one generation to the next -cultural capital is converted into academic attainment Habitus – internalized perceptions common to all members of the same social class. -Different expectations for the Kennedy’s, expected to do what their family members did. -slum children Bernstein + Heath -class membership generates distinctive forms of speech -a mismatch between the language at home and the language demanded by the school penalizes working class + nonwhite students Paul Willis -ear’oles: conform to traditional student roles -lads: reject achievement ideology and mock the conformists
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Unformatted text preview: Sexist attitudes Manual labor = masculinity Mental labor = femininity Ch. 3 8 boys 16-19 years old (smoke, drink, drugs) Frankie- the leader (hallway hangers) Slick – intelligent + respected, high aspirations want to be a lawyer Shorty – fearless, explosive temper, alcoholic Chris – father black; mother white, deals drugs Boo-Boo – black, serious Stoney – pizza shop, has a steady girlfriend Steve – Slick’s younger brother, not well liked but tolerated Jinks – shy, momma’s boy Hallway hanger – primary group (intimate association) Secondary group – impersonal with little social intimacy (large classes)...
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notes7 - Sexist attitudes Manual labor = masculinity Mental...

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