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Chemistry 322 Inorganic Chemistry Spring 2007 Exam 1 Objectives The first exam will cover the material presented in Chapters 1, 2 & 7 of Shriver and Atkins, but only those sections that are specifically mentioned on the first reading schedule. Sections 2.5-2.9 will NOT be on this first exam. Bring your character tables to the test. 1. Identify all the symmetry operations in a molecule or object. 2. Determine the point group symmetry of any molecule. It is assumed that you can correctly generate the Lewis structure of a molecule and predicts its shape using VSEPR theory. 3. Create a transformation matrix for an operation of a point group and derive the character associated with that transformation. 4. Determine, based on symmetry, whether a given molecule can be chiral. 5. Determine, based on symmetry, whether two protons in a molecule will have the same NMR resonant frequency (chemical shift). 6.
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