Notes 3-27 - -Federal Housing Authority(FHA and the Veterans Administration(VA provided government backed mortgage insurance but not in nonwhite

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ISS NOTES 3-27-08 Variable – something that can take more than 1 value. Age, religion (protestant, catholic, Jew, etc.), region (south, Midwest, etc.) Variables that could predict prejudice: skin color, parent’s beliefs, income % of whites who believe racial intermarriage should be banned Age 18-29 : 10% Age 30-39: 13% Age 40-49: 17% Age 50-64: 30% Age 65+ : 35% % of whites who support residential segregation Years of school completed: 0-11 - 40% 12 - 30% 13-15 – 13% BA, BS – 11% >BA – 8% Age and education predict these topics, linear relationship Housing Discrimination against African Americans - Restricted covenants (agreements by whites not to sell to minorities) - Residential steering (realtors steer nonwhite home buyers to nonwhite neighborhoods)
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Unformatted text preview: -Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Veterans Administration (VA) provided government backed mortgage insurance, but not in nonwhite neighborhoods-Redlining (rating system of neighborhoods, banks wouldn’t provide housing loans in redlined neighborhoods)-Suburban zoning laws – zone out public housing, commercial buildings)-Blockbusting – realtors spread word through a white neighborhood of an impending black influx, frightens whites into selling cheaply. They sell these homes to blacks at inflated prices-Public housing projects - perpetuate black confinement to the inner city-Urban renewal - forces the poor into housing projects Social Distance -Measures of ethnic prejudice...
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