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Chemistry 322 Inorganic Chemistry Spring 2007 Exam 2 Objectives the class notes on main group chemistry trends. However, you should refer to the course reading schedule (on ChemBoard) to see the chapter sections that we specifically covered. I will also provide you with the relevant portions of the Character Tables at the exam, as well as other tables of useful information. 1. As always, make sure you are comfortable with Lewis structures, VSEPR, and all of the associated details (2.1-2.3). 2. Understand the fundamental differences between covalent, polar-covalent, and ionic bonding. 3. Be able to rationalize trends such as bond length and bond strength based on Objective 2 and other periodic properties we have already discussed. 4. Understand the fundamental principles of valence-bond (localized-bonding) theory (2.4-2.6). 5.
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