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Chemistry 322 Inorganic Chemistry Spring 2007 Final Exam Objectives The final exam is cumulative. The new material essentially derives from Chapters 8 and 19.1, 19.2 from Shriver & Atkins. Although a greater emphasis of the final exam is on the newer material, it is expected that you have mastered the material to this point. You will be called upon to apply concepts from these earlier sections. Bring your character tables to the exam. 1. Objectives from Exam 1. 2. Objectives from Exam 2. 3. Relate the descriptive chemistry of an inorganic element to its atomic properties. (This specifically includes your presentations and the class notes). 4. Correctly name or give a molecular formula for a transition metal compound. 5. Accurately draw the structure of a transition metal compound, given either the name of the compound or its molecular formula. 6. Know the structures, chemical formulas, and donor atoms (points of coordination to a metal ion) of the ligands listed in the tables posted on ChemBoard.
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