notes 3 - Political – legal foundation 17 th Century...

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ISS 335 Notes: February 7, 2008 North European ancestry, protestant beliefs, values English cultural traditions. Euro ancestry groups in the U.S: - Germans - Irish - English Essential objective of English colonization of North America was economic gain. Also, to stop Spanish and French expansion. Religious freedom, house surplus population (prisoners) 4 Waves of English-speaking immigrants: -Puritans in Massachusetts (congregational churches, town meetings, architecture) - Virginia settlement (Anglican churches, southern gentlemen and poor whites) -Quakers in the middle colonies -Appalachian back country settlers (mixture of English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish, hillbillies) The core values of America come from English Protestantism -Hard work -Individualism -Material success Western Christianity 1500s split into Roman Catholic and Protestant (Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian) denominations 1776: Protestants 98% / Catholics2% Language is the foundation of every culture. Bilingualism (the use of 2 or more languages)
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Unformatted text preview: Political – legal foundation. 17 th Century British traditions-rights of property holders-obligations established by contracts-decentered nationhood: state and local governments have some autonomy. States’ rights. 18 th century French social philosophy-Equality, justice, individual rights-checks &balances -3 branches of government: legislative, judicial, executive Gunnar Myrdal – The American Dilemma How can a nation committed to freedom permit slavery? Nativism – anti immigration sentiment 1840s – 50s Nativist movement: The Know Nothing Movement Anti-catholic (and Irish), opposed to immigration In Ireland, average worker made 8 cents a day, in America it was 1.25 a day. Upper Class Anglo-Saxonism WASP upper class, drew their wagons in a circle Ancestor societies: DAR (daughters of the American Revolution), private clubs wouldn’t allow Jews, boarding schools, Social Register (no Jews allowed), exclusive neighborhoods...
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notes 3 - Political – legal foundation 17 th Century...

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