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Notes ISS 335: 2/12/08 America – a middle class society? Social class – people who rank closely in power, wealth, and prestige Middle class: teacher, auto workers, police, secretary, nurse, social worker, manager, electrician. Too broad of a classification ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Rossides’ model of U.S. Classes: -Upper Class (1-2% of the population) inherited wealth, top position holders, CEOs. Tend to associate with each other. > 500k per year - Upper middle class (10% of the pop.) physicians, lawyers, executives. Tend to be active in the community. > 85-250k per year - Lower middle class (30% of the pop.) Teachers, nurses, owners of small businesses $35-60k per year -Working class (40% of the pop.) factory workers, truck drivers, electricians. 30-60k. -Lower class (20% of the pop.) unemployed single mothers. < 15 k per year *Not based on income but the nature of work. Social mobility- common between adjacent sectors (high, mid, low). But bottom to top mobility is very
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Unformatted text preview: rare. Intergenerational mobility: mobility between generations (father-son). Intragenerational mobility: mobility within a generation, during a persons life. (Start as an assistant, work up to manager) Bourgeoisie: ruling class. Bourgeois: middle class. Poverty line: $9800/ year for individuals | $20,000/ year for family of 4 About 1 in 5 children under the age of six lives in poverty. Rich richer / Poor poorer Gap between rich and poor, widest in history Class differences are inherent in capitalism. Capitalism private ownership of the means of production, profit is the incentive for economic activity. Som the means of production are publically owned. Communism a hypothetical system all property is communally owned all members are socially equal. Being black, living in the red Income salaries, wages, earnings Wealth total assets, property, savings, stocks, etc. Whites can often depend on relatives...
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