Compacted final questions =)

Compacted final questions =) - 1. Topics learned Approach...

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1. Topics learned Approach (How does previous knowledge of a country affects affect the approach bifurcation, integration or suplantation as we have seen this semester?) Suplantation : complete disregard for the country and the culture Mr. China ( Tim Cllssold) partner kept his ideas about business without trying to understand the Chinese way, and his works suffered. Bifurcation : when become another person in the country River Town ( Peter Hessler) describes his Chinese self being separate from his American self. Year of meat ( Ozaki character) Jane deals with her Chinese American heritage and struggles to find her self. Integration : you completely change your personal believe. Last samurai. This is a true example of integration, because the protagonist had an orintalist view of the samurai in the beginning but he end up fighting on their side and becoming a samurai. Orientalism (Defined orientalism and its impact in the Asian experience?) Set of ideas which separate east from west and categorize the East as “The Other” it was born from colonialism, and the idea that the east is backwards or lower. Anna and the King = presented the east as lower than the west and also choose how she wanted to change their views and believes to make them “better” The Asia mystique = Purpose of this book was to look at the origins of stereotypes and to deconstruct our opinions about Asia. In the Time of madness=
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Compacted final questions =) - 1. Topics learned Approach...

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