FINAL =) - Topics learned Approach: Bifurcation. 1. Pick...

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Topics learned Approach: Bifurcation… 1. Pick two narrators from two of the books we've read and discuss whether there approach most represents bifurcation, integration, or supplant ion. Give examples from the book which support this theory" 2. Given any past travel experience you may have and the personal accounts that we have read in this class, which method would you use when approaching travel in Asia: bifurcation, integration, or supplantation? Supplement your personal account with examples from the books. 3. How does previous knowledge of a country affect your approach towards traveling there and how does it affect your experiences. Use examples from the book to support your ideas. 4. Can, should we put a value judgment on the reasons people go to Asia and their methods of interaction? 5. "In your opinion, which author's approach was the best helping he or she complete what he/she went to do? Orientalism 6. What impact does orientalist views have the "Asian" experience of two authors (any two from the books we have read in class) and how does this impact shape the way they have written their books? 7. Providing the definition of orientalism, tell which of the books that we've read, in your opinion gives the least orientalist view of Asia and why, comparing it to at least 2 of the other books. Cultural 8. Choose one culture you would want to be immersed in and give specific examples of how this culture is unique from the other cultures.
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FINAL =) - Topics learned Approach: Bifurcation. 1. Pick...

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