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reli1001_5_21 - Christianity Trinitarian Monotheism Jesus...

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5/21/08 Christianity: Trinitarian Monotheism Jesus of Nazareth; ca 4 B.C.E. – 30 C.E. Real name is Joshua Bar Yosef, pronounced Yeshua in Hebrew Christ of Faith o Devotional approach within the faith o Incarnation; central doctrine of Christianity Jesus is God born as a man o Christology- science or study of Jesus as the Christ Christ means the anointed one o About 451, the church figures out what it meant for Jesus to be the Christ o Messiah- Jesus as the Christ will fulfill God’s plan here on Earth o 2 nd central notion- Resurrection after death, comes back to life as a man before ascending to heaven o Trinity Within one God, there are 3 divine aspects: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Not until 381 that we understand that all 3 are 1 Jesus of History / Historical Jesus o Man who walked around Earth, without the ideas of Resurrection or the trinity or being born from God o There are no unbiased accounts from historians, because they were all believers o 27 books of the new testament, 3 contain historical Jesus o 2 kinds of gospels: Synoptic- Matt, Mark, Luke Paul’s letters are the oldest, and the synoptic gospels are a reaction to his letter The oldest is Mark; about 70 Matt and Luke about 80; it is clear that they have both read Mark 90% of Mark is in Matthew, 60% of Mark is in Luke Matthew and Luke also share a source, known as Q because they have verbatim lines, even though they each have their own source as well, M and L sources No birth or childhood in Mark Matt and Luke both have birth and a little childhood Johanine- John Written as late as 90 or 100 C.E. Very different stylistically; some of the best writing as
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philosophy, but less historical Jesus o From a lower socioeconomic class o Profession was a carpenter and a stone mason, a general laborer o Spoke Aramaic, offshoot of Hebrew; probably also spoke Greek for trade; spoke a little Hebrew and knows the scripture o Nazareth was on an active, busy trade route, where a lot of Roman soldiers were, so he probably knew some Latin o He had siblings- Joseph, James, Simon, and Jude, and sisters also---- found in Matthew 13:55 o Church has to say that these siblings were not cousins or adopted o About age 30, Jesus meets John the Baptizer in the desert, where he begins his ministry o John the Baptizer is probably an Essene, living an ascetic life style- one
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reli1001_5_21 - Christianity Trinitarian Monotheism Jesus...

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