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5/23/08 Middle Ages; 500-1500 C.E. 1. Islam- Geographic divide o First divide that happens to the church is a geographic divide o With the birth and spread of Islam, the there is a split between sub- Saharan Africa and European Christianity 2. Eastern Orthodox Christianity / Western Roman Catholic Church o official in 1054; they mutually condemn each other o 3 reasons: 1) cultural factor east vs. west in west, based around Rome, Latin language and Roman culture Greek Byzantine culture around Constantinople 2) theological difference filioque o means of or from the Son o a word that become a factor in theology from the Nicean Creed o this word is in the Latin version, but not in the Greek one o meant that the Holy spirit is from the Father and the Son o they changed what was agreed upon because they believed something different 3) Political reasons idea of the Papacy o 5 equal centers; Bishops o each center wants to be #1 o Constantinople and Rome really want to be #1 o Rome has been pushing it a lot and has reason to A line from Matthew 16:18, Jesus says to Peter, “On this rock, I build my church” Peter founds this church in Rome Peter is crucified upside down on the spot Anyone who is the Bishop of Rome should be the head of the church because “Jesus would have wanted this” Constantinople remains a center of Christianity until 1453 when the Turks come in with the Ottoman Empire o No longer centralized government or Empire o Europe was splitting up into multiple nation-states o The church holds everything together and it becomes the center of life
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throughout Europe 3. Scholasticism o
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reli1001_5_23 - Middle Ages 500-1500 C.E 1 Islam Geographic...

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