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5/27/08 B) Catholic / Counter Ref. Council of Trent; 1545-1563 o Trent is a city o Decide to fix problems within the church Bishops live like kings Borgias- family of really bad popes Reinforce the things they will not change o Role of priesthood is necessary o Mass is a sacrifice o Strengthens the Pope Says that protestants are heretics and are damned to hell Hocus pocus o Example of protestant anti-catholic rhetoric o Magic, but not real magic o While Latin mass is being conducted; “hoc est corpus meum” this is body mine Teresa of Avila; 1515-1582 o Catholic mystic o Spanish o Joins a convent as a nun o She marries Jesus, as all the Carmelites do o Jesus comes to Teresa and she feels ecstasy, and she writes about her experiences o “this can happen to you, too” – a way that the Catholic tried to keep people in Society of Jesus gets founded o Approved by Pope in 1540 o Jesuits o Founded by Iñigo de Loyola; ca.1495-1556 Soldier, wounded, picks up Bible and decides to be a Christian Begins using a Latin form of his name: Ignatius o 3 main principles: military-like spiritual discipline education missionary expansion o Jesuits convert everywhere, going to the non-Christians o Jesuits are pretty fierce. They settled Montreal o They tortured people Inquisition o The 1 st one was in the 14 th and 15 th centuries Way to investigate Jews and Muslims whom converted to Christianity to see if they were really convert in Europe
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Also a way to investigate witches In Spain it peaks Peaks in 1492, Spain expels every Muslim and Jew the day before Columbus Sails for America The Inquisition comes back in the 1500s as a way to investigate the Protestants People are tortured and killed Modern Catholicism; 1854-Now In 1854, a new doctrine is written o Done by Pope Pius IX o Immaculate Conception
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reli1001_5_27 - 5/27/08 B) Catholic / Counter Ref. Council...

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