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5/16/08 Judaism Judaism: ethical monotheism orthodoxy- right or correct doctrine or belief; Christianity is more orthodoxy orthopraxy- right or correct practice; Judaism is more orthopraxy possibly began in the 6 th century b.c.e when it was canonized. 1800 b.c.e. with Abraham is where we will start. All 3 main religions are Abrahamic faiths Patriarchal Period; ca 1800-1200 b.c.e, middle bronze age Abraham lives in Babylon; where Iraq now is God speaks to Abraham asking him to move with his family to Canaan, where the Canaanites live He moves with his wife Sarah Abraham visits Hagar, Sarah’s servant. The 2 have a child together. His name is Ishmael God promises that he and Sarah will have a child, even though they are old. His name is Isaac Hagar and Ishmael leave when Isaac is born Judaism comes out of Abraham through Isaac -Historical Revelation- the idea that God acts as a part of human history; he reveals himself Judaism is about trying to understand how God affects human history, more so than theology or philosophy God has given the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites Holy Land Covenant- the central term/idea of Judaism; a secret agreement between God and man. God always initiates them, we respond o First covenant comes between God and Adam o God initiates a covenant with Noah to build an arc to save him and his family and the animals. o God will not hold our hand and do work for us; we have to do our part of the deal Faith- God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, to him. As he is about to kill Isaac, an angel stops him and tells him that a lamb is nearby and that he should kill that instead o Tells us to have faith/trust in God The Canaanites might have sacrificed humans, so this story may have been slander against them 900 b.c.e. was the peak of the Israelites empire
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Exodus Experience; ca 1250-1200 b.c.e. how they get home from Egypt
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reli1001_5_16 - Judaism Judaism ethical monotheism...

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