reli1001_5_20 - 5/20/08 (cont.) Hasidism- Ba'al Shem Tov;...

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5/20/08 (cont.) Hasidism- Ba’al Shem Tov; means the good name- 1698-1759; known as Besht Israel Ben Eliezer is his real name Lives in eastern Europe, around peasants The Jews he lives around have to work all the time and don’t have any rabbis or yeshivas around them in their rural existence; they feel left out of the Jewish community Hasidim- means pious ones; Hasidim is someone who practices this They could worship god through everyday acts of life All acts could be holy when they are done fully conscious of God Late 1700s, it spreads throughout eastern Europe Made it okay to not take Sabbath day off Schools got set up to train Hasidic rabbis Brooklyn holds some of the largest groups of Hasidic Jews One of their rabbis died in 1994, but they keep his apartment clean for him for when he comes back because they believe him to be the messiah These people are very modest Modern Era- ca 1750-Now Enlightenment / Emancipation Vampirism comes from the misunderstanding of Jews and kosher butchering Democratic systems begin springing up with revolutions
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reli1001_5_20 - 5/20/08 (cont.) Hasidism- Ba'al Shem Tov;...

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