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5/29/08 5/30/08 6/2/08 Tolerance III. Qur’an, Five Pillars of Religious Duty, Central Doctrines Qur’an o Believed to be the unadulterated, uncorrupted word of God o Muhammad tells these things to people who write them down because he was illiterate o Muhammad composed these surahs 114 of them, all coming from him o the Qur’an is not assembled until 20 years after Muhammad’s death o Assembly took 20 years Some of his surahs were written on rocks, leaves, and paper o Muhammad knew the story of Adam and Eve, told by the Angel Gabriel o He knew Judaism and Christianity because of trade routes and locals o Meant to be heard and read in Arabic o The true Qur’an must be in Arabic o Surah #1 is equivalent to the lords prayer o After that, they are arranged from longest to shortest o The only authorship of the Qur’an is God o Part of being Muslim is to learn Arabic; the Qur’an is flawed in any other form o God had to choose a final prophet, Muhammad, because people got mixed up when the other prophets taught Five Pillars o 1. Shahada Muslim creed; a profession of faith; a way of bearing witness The statement: There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his prophet To make one’s self a Muslim or to join the Ummah Ummah- means a Muslim community Must be said in front of two Muslims There are 2 declarations within: establishment of monotheism and Muhammad is God’s prophet Only have to do this once o 2. Salat ritual prayer in Islam done 5 time a day in the direction of Mecca dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and after dark there is a routine o at each time there different numbers of cycles o cycle 17 times: bow, kneel, prostrate; 2,4,4,3,4
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o can be done in a mosque; from the word masjid: a place to prostrate there is a building they pray towards in Mecca o 3. Sawm Ramadan Sawm means fasting, Ramadan is a month From sun up to sun down, no drinking, eating, smoking, or sexual relations 28 days every year, during the day after dark, small meal with the family and sometime invite the community sometimes a small meal before dawn purpose: walking in history as Muhammad did this same ritual; also shows spiritual devotion; also causes people to feel what poor people feel, a social aspect in the solidarity of the poor summer to early fall o 4. Zakat means to increase or to purify doing for yourself while doing for others, both on Earth and in Heaven something you do on your own, not required by the government, but people still do this every year, usually 2.5% of your income and holdings giving to charity / giving alms to the poor o 5. Hajj sacred pilgrimage to Mecca must be done at least once in a person’s life same time every year, around February, late winter, early spring Mecca is a sacred city The Ka’bah is an ancient square stone building in Mecca, pre- Islamic Black stone inside that is black and square, the Ka’bah
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reli1001_5_29 - Tolerance III Qur'an Five Pillars of...

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