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Hi! Dharma - translation in the subtitles It definitely...

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Reli 4910 3/29/09 Hi! Dharma Hi! Dharma is a very interesting movie, but I can say is not one of my favorites of the class . It was nice for something different especially after all of the violence with the Vengeance Trilogy, but this film was a little too strange for me . At first it seemed to be very unique with the gangsters taking refuge in the monks temple and then competing with them on their home territory, but then it kind of fell apart . I understand the point of the movie and the fact that it was supposed to be a comedy for sure, but it seemed like some of the jokes were possibly more culturally specific, so they went over the classes’ head . It struck me as though quite a bit of the joke might have been lost in
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Unformatted text preview: translation in the subtitles . It definitely seemed like a prior knowledge to Buddhism and the culture surrounding it would be very beneficial in order to fully comprehend the film . Other than the comedic misses, the other downfall of the movie is the simplicity of the story . There is not real originality in the plot and it is very formulaic . It was very convenient how there just happened to be an equal number of monks as gangsters, and how the monks end up getting along with the gangsters in the end . Dont get me wrong about this film, it was enjoyable but it was not one of the highlights of the ones we have seen thus far ....
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Hi! Dharma - translation in the subtitles It definitely...

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