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Tony Takatani - normally despise was the omniscient...

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Reli 4910 4/12/09 Tony Takitani Out of all of the films that we have seen throughout the semester, I think that I can safely say that this one was the most perplexing. I couldn’t really decide if I like it or not almost up until the end of the movie. It was sort of a surprise to see such a psychological movie. I thought the loneliness and solitude of Tony was quite captivating, because he was a strange protagonist that you couldn’t help but feel sorry for. I also liked how he didn’t seem to be too unhappy about his reclusive life, instead he embraced it and almost seemed to enjoy it to the best of his abilities. It was very interesting to see the obvious change in his personality and his even his appearance somewhat, once he met Konuma Eiko. One aspect that I particularly liked about this movie that I
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Unformatted text preview: normally despise was the omniscient narrator, because I think that it gave the audience significantly more insight into Tony’s mind rather than just looking on as an observer. The introduction seemed to lag on for quite a while, however once it got started I was a little more intrigued. Once Tony me his fiancé, it changed the entire direction of the movie, and pulled it out of the dark and dreary rut that it had seemed to fall into. The director, Jun Ichikawa then did a complete 180 with the film when his wife crashed due to her at first seemingly harmless addiction. I think one of my favorite parts of the film was that it was kept concise and direct so that not too much time was wasted on exposition and the viewer was able to dive right in once the story started to roll....
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Tony Takatani - normally despise was the omniscient...

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