Requirment for Stoichiometry

Requirment for Stoichiometry - (4) From the graph, tell the...

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Date performed: Name: Date submitted: Partner: Instructor: Title Objective A brief statement of the objective. Main point for the goal of the lab; Experimental Data List your datas in a table which should have five columns ( in right order from left to the right) : Volume of NaClO , Volume of KI, Initial Temperature of NaClO, Initial Temperature of KI, Final temperature. Notes: 1) do not forget units; 2) sig fig. ( 3 sig for volume, such as 5.00, 10.0ml) Sample Calculation Include the following calculation in this part in the right order; (1) mol fraction of NaClO (pick up a group of data, show equation and result) (2) If the initial temperature of KI and NaClO are different from each other, then calculate Initial tempertature T initial for both KI and NaClO; (show equation, calculation steps and result); (3) Calculate the change in temperature for the mixture;
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Unformatted text preview: (4) From the graph, tell the mole fraction of NaClO that corresponds to the highest change in temperature and calculate the ratio of NaClO to KI under the circumstance. Result and Conclusion List a table which contains 6 columns in the right order; (from left to right) Volume of NaClO; Volume of KI; Mole Fraction of NaClO; Initial Temp; Final temperature; Change in Temp. Your result and conclusion are based on the table above. Do not forget to include the information you find in your graph ( Change in Temp vs Mole fraction of NaClO.) Can you find the stoichimetric ratio for the reaction? Discussion of Discrepancy and Experimental Uncertainty Remember this part Definitions: Check the requirement in manual book; Graph: Draw your graph on a separate piece of paper with a title, dots, axis labeled and labeled smooth curve....
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Requirment for Stoichiometry - (4) From the graph, tell the...

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