Chapter 15 - Therapy

Chapter 15 - Therapy - Aversive Conditioning Operant...

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Key Therapy Terms (King, 2008, Chapter 15) Biological Therapies Drug Therapy: Antianxiety; Antidepressant; Antipsychotic Electroconvulsion Therapy Psychosurgery Psychotherapy Psychodynamic Therapies: Past Focus; Insight; Unconscious; Carthesis; Interpretation Techniques: Free Association; Dream Analysis Humanistic Therapies: Conscious; Present Focus; Self-Awareness Client-Centered: Unconditional Positive Regard; Empathy; Authenticity Gestalt Therapy: Confrontational; Role Playing Behavior Therapies: Learning Principles; Overt Symptoms Classical Conditioning Techniques: Systematic Desensitization; Flooding;
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Unformatted text preview: Aversive Conditioning Operant Conditioning: Behavior Modification; Token Economy Cognitive Therapies Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy: Direct and Confrontational Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: Self-Efficacy, Self-Talk Group Therapy Family and Couples Therapy Self-Help Support Groups The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Therapeutic Alliance Integrative Therapy: Eclectic Psychotherapy, Wellness, and Personal Growth Post-Traumatic Growth (Emotional Healing) Well-Being Therapy: Mindfulness...
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Chapter 15 - Therapy - Aversive Conditioning Operant...

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