Sociocultural Theory and Core Knowledge Theory

Sociocultural Theory and Core Knowledge Theory - -starting...

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-starting on Friday doing language development -doing Chapter 6 Friday-next Friday -week after break doing theories of social development, read it over break because she expects us to already know some of it -next test Chapters 4, last part of chapter 5, chapter 6, and some social development -next week get paper assignment --- -Vegowsky- -born in 1896, died in 1934 -first publication was published in 1936, two years after his death -was thinking about cognitive development at the same time as Piaget, but they were in different environments -he was in Russia at university of Moscow, while Piaget in France -Marxism had taken over the political climate of his country -to understand his theory have to understand the environment he was working in -Marxism-suppose to sacrifice your individual goals for society, socialism, heavy emphasis on history -his work was banned until 1958, so his theory was not well known by the rest of the world until 1970s -until then only had Piaget’s ideas -basic premise was culture is the primary influence on cognitive development Sociocultural Theory Prominent theorist – Lev Vygotsky Russian; 1896-1934; University of Moscow Influence of political climate – socialism and Marxism Social Constructivism: Children gain knowledge through their interactions with other people. -examples are parents, educators, siblings, peers Role of Culture: Culture provides children with knowledge and tools of adaptation. -culture provides two types of information important to cognitive 1) knowledge 2) methods of thinking - so culture teaches children how to think and what to think Sociocultural Theory Children learn through shared experiences with parents, siblings, teachers
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Sociocultural Theory and Core Knowledge Theory - -starting...

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